The Best Cameras Under $X

There are an overwhelming number of camera models to sort through.

  • Prices are for a camera body only.
  • Figure out an entire “kit” for comparisons. (Lenses Under $Y)
  • Choices are heavily biased towards “professional” bodies.

“Flagship” professional cameras have aged significantly better than swaths of newer entry level bodies. They will have additional features, we likely be weather sealed, have superior specs, customizable buttons, and accessories.

My favorites are the jack of all trade cameras designed for wedding photographers. I don’t want a bazillion megapixels or the ability to capture 60 RAWs a second. (I do see the appeal!)

Sports, action, and wildlife cameras with built in grips are large and heavy. People are upgrading from DSLRs to mirrorless cameras. There are incredible deals because of this.

Formerly “high megapixel” cameras can have attractive price to performance. There are deals lots of Canon EOS EF and Nikon F-mount lenses.