Hi, I’m Nathaniel. I enjoy vintage lenses and macro photography. I’ll also dabble in obscure areas of photography where information on how to do a technique is hard to find.

Have you ever tried to find information on a vintage lens or camera?

If you have, I’m sure you ran into forum posts missing images and websites frozen in time with dead links. Finding answers to basic questions about gear shouldn’t take hours of research.

  • “Do sample images exist?”
  • “How much did this camera originally cost?”
  • “When was this lens released?”
  • “Are there any known defects, and can they easily be fixed?”

The upsetting part is that much of this information was previously available on the internet. Websites require maintenance and servers cost money. Every day websites go offline and information is lost. I want to make sure that reference information, how to perform maintenance, sample photos, and history remains for photographers.