18 Pro Cameras available for under $1,500.

The first appearance of a medium format camera with the Pentax 645D.

Keep lens needs and costs in mind. That can often be the tie breaker between models.

  • Most Expensive: Pentax 645D ($9,300)
  • Cheapest: Sony A6700 ($1,300)
  • Oldest: Pentax 645D (2010)
  • Newest: Sony A6700 (2023)
Model Year MSRP MP Weight Sensor Video
Pentax 645D 2010 $9,300 40.0 1480g MF No
Canon EOS-1 DX Mark II 2016 $5,999 20.2 1340g FF 4k60
Nikon D780 2020 $2,299 24.3 840g FF 4k30
Nikon D810A 2014 $3,799 36.3 980g FF 1080p60
Nikon D850 2017 $3,299 45.7 1005g FF 4k30
Nikon D5 2016 $6,499 20.8 1400g FF 4k30
Nikon Z 7 2018 $3,399 45.7 585g FF 4k30
Nikon Z 6II 2020 $1,995 24.5 615g FF 4k30
Sony A7RIII 2017 $3,199 42.4 657g FF 4k30
Sony A7C 2020 $1,799 24.2 509g FF 4k30
Sony A9 2017 $4,499 24.2 673g FF 4k30
Sony A6700 2023 $1,399 26.0 493g APS-C 4k120
Panasonic GH6 2022 $2,199 25.2 823g MFT 6k60
Pentax K-1 Mark II 2018 $1,999 36.4 1010g FF 1080p30
Panasonic S1H 2019 $3,999 24.2 1052g FF 6k30
Panasonic S1R 2019 $3,699 47.3 1020g FF 4k60
Pentax K-3 Mark III 2021 $1,899 25.7 820g APS-C 4k30
Leica TL2 2017 $1,949 24.0 399g APS-C 4k30

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The heaviest camera I’ve come across. Don’t get fooled, check prices on lenses.

It uses the Pentax 645AF mount. (D FA645, FA64 and A645). There is an adapter to allow the use of 67 lenses.

It uses a 44mmx33mm CCD sensors that captures 40 megapixel (7264x5440) images.

It’s compatible with SDHC memory cards. 32GB is the largest capacity that will work.

Quite likely the best DSLR produced by Nikon.

Video centric camera that can record in 4:2:2 10-bit C4K/4K at 60p.