12 Pro Cameras Available for Under $2,000.

This price point highlights not only how many models Sony pumps out, but for how long they’ve been doing it.

  • Most Expensive: Sony HDW-F900 ($80,000+?)
  • Cheapest: Sony FX30 ($1,799)
  • Oldest: Sony HDW-F900 (2000)
  • Newest: Nikon Zf, Sony A7C II, Pentax K-3 Mark III Monochrome (2023)
Model Year MSRP MP Weight Sensor Video
Sony FX30 2022 $1,799 26.0 646g APS-C 4k120
Nikon Zf 2023 $1,999 24.5 630g FF 4k30
Sony A7C II 2023 $2,199 33.0 514g FF 4k60
Pentax K-3 Mark III Monochrome 2023 $2,199 25.7 820g APS-C 4k30
Sony A7 IV 2021 $2,499 34.1 658g FF 4k60
Leica CL 2017 $2,795 24.0 403g APS-C 4k30
Nikon Z 7II 2020 $2,999 45.7 615g FF 4k60
Sony A99 II 2016 $3,199 42.4 849g FF 4k30
Sony A7R IV 2019 $3,499 61.0 665g FF 4k30
Leica SL (typ 601) 2015 $5,995 24.0 847g FF 4k24
Fujifilm GFX 50S 2017 $6,499 51.4 920g MF 1080p30
Hasselblad X1D-50c 2016 $8,995 51.4 725g MF 1080p25
Sony HDW-F900 2000 $79,995 2.1 8kg 3x2/3” CCD 1080p30

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George Lucas shot the Star Wars prequels on one of these.

It’s a professional broadcast camera. It can record on HDCAM tapes.

A notable upgrade over the previous model.

The last in the line of the Sony A-mount cameras. This is going to be popular among enthusiasts.

Medium format! The lenses are expensive!

I can’t find the original product page. The support page is really unimpressive.