A Long List of Film Camera Brands


This is a list of film camera brands and film camera companies. Many of these vintage camera brands have many models that can be found for sale online.

For digital cameras, including mirrorless and DSLRs, see the list of digital camera brands.

Manufactuers technical cameras used by professional photographers.

Canon became the largest camera brand in the 1990’s. Notible film cameras include the Canon AE-1.

Canon 35mm film camera lens mounts:

The Canon R-mount Not to be confused with the RF mount used on digital mirrorless cameras.

Best know for manufacturing medium format cameras.

In addition to making SLR cameras, Olympus manufactured many point-and-shoot cameras that are still desireable.

Made the Nimslo 3D camera, which was used to create lenticular 3D prints. These prints would appear 3-dimentional, without 3D glasses.

Nishika is best known for making 4 lens 3D film cameras. The four half frame images these cameras captured where used to create 3D lenticular prints. The brand is related to Nimslo, which created and sold the first quadra lens camera.

Models include: