How to Load Film into a Pentax K1000

By Nathaniel Stephan
Last Updated: October 4, 2019
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Loading film into the Pentax K1000 is relatively easy. This guide will include a few tips and tricks to help you get it right every time.

Time needed: 1 minute.

When you load film into the K1000, make sure you are out of direct sunlight. A bright light has the possibility to fog the first few frames of a roll.

  1. Open the Film Door

    Pentax K1000 Opeing Camera Film DoorOpen the film door by pulling up on the film rewind knob. It will pop open.

  2. Load the 35mm Film Cartridge

    K1000 Load 35mm FilmInsert the 35mm film cartridge while the film rewind knob is still raised. Once the cartridge is in the camera, push the rewind knob down to hold the cartridge in place.

  3. Thread the Film Leader into the Take-up Spool

    K1000 Film Leader in Take-up SpoolThread the film leader into the take-up spool. Get it as deep as possible otherwise, it could come out when you try to wind the film.

  4. Hold the Film Cartridge and Advance the Film

    Hold Film Canister and Advance the FilmWith one hand, hold the film cartridge in place. With the other, wind the film with the film advance lever. Watch to make sure the film is being held in place by the take-up spool.
    If the film leader comes out of the take-up spool, thread it back in and try again. You will need to press the shutter button so that you can use the film advance lever again.

  5. Close the Film Door

    Once Film is Correctly Wound Close the Film DoorOnce the film is properly on the take-up spool, you can close the film door.

  6. Set the Correct ISO on the ASA Dial

    Set ISO in the ASA DialSet the film ISO on the ASA dial. This is done by pulling up on the shutter speed dial and rotating it to the correct ISO.

  7. Wind and Press the Shutter Until the Film Counter is at 0

    Finally, press the shutter button and wind film until the film counter is at 0. When you use the film advance lever, you should see the rewind knob spin.

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