Lightweight Gear that I Recommend

Size and weight begets size and weight.

Camera too heavy? Get a tripod!

Too much to carry? Get a camera bag!

Kit too heavy? Leave it at home!

The larger the camera, the more expensive and heavier accessories get. It might feel great in hand, but horrible on your back or shoulder.

New photographers and videographers literally pay the price for overlooking the importance of size and weight. They order big cameras with specs they don’t need and features they won’t use.

After being used a few times they sit on a shelf until sold. (Seriously, learn to check shutter counts.)

I don’t care that the standards are poorly explained as they relate to transfer speeds and charging wattage. I can read a spec sheet and test cables to make sure they meet my use cases.

I love not having to have specific cables for specific devices. I can’t believe it’s taken us decades to get to this point.

In my limited use of AAA batteries in a Zoom F2-BT, they have been fine. It is not a high power draw device.

I have also not had any issue in a LightPix Labs Flash Q Q20II. I use a AAA to AA adapter for the flash.

Combined with my Nitecore NB10000, I can charge one set of batteries while the other set is being used. The power bank can also be used to recharge a camera, cell phone for maps, headlamp, laptop, etc. The power output is great.

It has a built in wireless trigger. 110g without batteries.

Can charge NI-MI batteries via micro USB. Wireless transmitter gets charged via micro USB and can be done with a male-to-male cable.

Only improvement would be if the transmitter could be charged via USB-C.

Takes about 8 seconds after turning it on before recording can start. I found it difficult to remove the battery cover, until the locking tab broke.

I wouldn’t buy one new, but used prices can make it attractive.

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