Nathaniel Stephan - Photographer Profile

Nathaniel Stephan Photographer
Self portrait, 2019

I’m Nathaniel Stephan, and I have more than a decade of experience selling vintage camera gear. In that time, I have become an expert on cameras, lenses, and photography. I also had an overwhelming case of gear acquisition syndrome.

  • Macro photography
  • Product photography
  • Travel photography
  • Portrait photography

I remember how difficult understanding jargon was when I wanted to buy my first camera. There are many specs thrown around that are useless apart from being a sales pitch. I started to help people get started in photography or videography.

By tracking used camera and lens prices, I know what is currently a good deal that can actually be found within a person’s budget. Not taking into account lens prices is how people ruin their photography with expensive bodies paired with a slow kit zoom lens.