Sony ZV-1 Camera Setup

Sony ZV-1 Manual

The manual should be the first place you look when you have questions about the Sony ZV-1. A PDF version can be downloaded from the official Sony website.

It is also smart to have a copy of the manual on your phone or computer. Should you find yourself without internet, you can still use advanced features. Keep this in mind for international travel.

Turn Off Focus Confirmation and Shutter Sound

Settings 2, 9/9 - Audio Signals shutter/focus confirmation

The ZV-1 will not be completely silent. You will still hear the aperture in the lens stop down as well as the autofocus and zoom motors.

Memory Set

Instructions to set the Memory on the Sony ZV-1 from the manual.

A total of 3 different memory settings can be saved on the camera. They are slots 1, 2, and 3.

The other 4 memory items M1, M2, M3, and M4 are stored on the memory card. If you use these to store settings on a memory card, don’t format that memory card or your settings will be lost.

Memory Recall

Instructions to recall the Memory on the Sony ZV-1 from the manual.

Memory recall is under the ‘MR’ option that gets displayed when the ‘MODE’ button is pressed.

Highlight Metering