Sony A35 Battery Summary - Everything You Need to Know About Compatibility

The Sony A35 battery, officially known as the Sony NP-FW50, is a compact and lightweight lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides long-lasting power for an optimal shooting experience with the Sony A35 camera.

  • The Sony A35 uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery with the model number NP-FW50.
  • Manufactured by Sony, the NP-FW50 has a capacity of 1020mAh.
  • This battery model is used in a wide range of Sony cameras and camcorders, making it a versatile power option for photographers and videographers.
  • Under normal operating conditions, the NP-FW50 battery can last approximately 330-400 shots (CIPA standard) depending on the usage pattern.
  • The battery life can vary based on several factors such as the ambient temperature, the age of the battery, and the shooting settings used.
  • Battery performance decreases in colder environments; ensure batteries are kept warm for optimal performance.
Problem Description
Lower Capacity Some third-party batteries may advertise similar capacities to the NP-FW50, but actual performance may be significantly less.
Shorter Lifespan Often, third-party batteries do not last as long as official Sony batteries before needing replacement.
Lower Cost While the lower cost of third-party batteries may seem attractive, it often reflects lower quality components and production standards, resulting in the issues above.

Despite the lower cost, purchasing third-party batteries for the Sony A35 can come with potential problems such as lower capacity, shorter lifespan, and overall lower quality. It’s always recommended to use official Sony batteries for optimal performance and longevity.

  • Sony A6000, A6100, A6300, A6400, A6500
  • Sony A7, A7II, A7R, A7RII, A7S, A7SII
  • Sony NEX series (NEX-3, NEX-5, NEX-7, etc.)
  • Sony Alpha series (α55, α33, α35, α37, α55)
  • Sony RX10 series

The NP-FW50 battery is quite versatile and used in a wide array of Sony cameras, which is beneficial for photographers who own multiple Sony cameras and wish to interchange their batteries.

More information about Sony A-mount lenses can be found on the best Sony A35 lenses page.

  • The Sony A35 camera uses the A-mount system, which is compatible with a vast range of Sony and Minolta lenses.
  • This includes both APS-C (DT) and full-frame (usually designated as just ‘A’) lenses.
  • Sony’s A-mount system provides a comprehensive array of lens choices, including macro, wide-angle, telephoto, and prime lenses.
  • However, when using full-frame lenses on the APS-C sensor of the A35, a crop factor of 1.5x should be considered.

In depth information on memory card compatibility can be found here on the best Sony A35 memory cards.

  • The Sony A35 is compatible with both SD/SDHC/SDXC cards and Memory Stick Pro Duo cards.
  • For HD video recording, it is recommended to use a memory card with a Class 10 or higher speed rating.
  • The camera supports up to 2TB SDXC cards, providing ample storage for high-resolution photos and videos.
  • Memory Stick Pro Duo cards provide a second option for storage, though these are typically not as high in capacity or as fast as modern SD cards.