The Nikon D780: Release Date and Beyond

The Nikon D780, a full-frame DSLR camera, was officially announced by Nikon on January 7, 2020. This camera was introduced as a successor to the popular Nikon D750, offering significant improvements in terms of speed, image quality, and video capabilities.

As of June 2023, the Nikon D780 has not been officially discontinued by Nikon. For more up to date information you can check the official Nikon D780 page.

The Nikon D780 uses Nikon F-mount lenses. It is compatible with a wide range of lenses, from wide-angle to telephoto, and from prime lenses to zoom lenses. This includes both FX and DX lenses, although using DX lenses will result in a 1.5x crop of the frame. The D780 can also use lenses from third-party manufacturers that produce F-mount lenses, such as Sigma, Tamron, and Tokina.

The Nikon D780 has two memory card slots and is compatible with SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards. It supports UHS-II for one slot and UHS-I for the other, allowing for fast read and write speeds. This is particularly useful for burst shooting and recording high-resolution video.

The Nikon D780 uses the Nikon EN-EL15b rechargeable Li-ion battery. This battery provides excellent battery life, allowing for approximately 2,260 shots per charge under CIPA standard testing conditions. The D780 can also use other versions of the EN-EL15 battery, such as the EN-EL15a and EN-EL15c, although the number of shots per charge may vary with different versions of the battery.

In conclusion, the Nikon D780 is a versatile and high-performing full-frame DSLR camera that offers compatibility with a wide range of lenses and accessories. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a serious enthusiast, the D780 has a lot to offer.

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