Can the Nikon D3300 Shoot Video?

By Nathaniel Stephan
Last Updated: January 12, 2022
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Nikon D3300 Video

Yes, the Nikon D3300 can shoot video.

The Nikon D3300 can record at the following video resolutions and frame rates:

  • Full HD 1,920x1,080 / 60 fps
  • Full HD 1,920x1,080 / 50 fps
  • Full HD 1,920x1,080 / 30 fps
  • Full HD 1,920x1,080 / 25 fps
  • Full HD 1,920x1,080 / 24 fps
  • HD 1,280x720 / 60 fps
  • HD 1,280x720 / 50 fps
  • VGA 640x424 / 30 fps
  • VGA 640x424 / 25 fps

Video files are encoded using the H.264 or MPEG-4 codec.

Does the Nikon D3300 Record Video with Audio?

Yes, the Nikon D3300 records video with audio. The Nikon D3300 has a built in microphone.

Audio can also be recorded through the 3.5mm mic input jack on the side of the Nikon D3300.

SD Card Storage Requirements

Recording HD video with the Nikon D3300 can quickly use up SD card storage space. If you need a new SD memory card, take a look at the best Nikon D3300 SD cards.

Nikon D3300 Video Lenses

It can be difficult to shoot video indoors with the 18-55mm kit lens that came with the Nikon D3300. This is because the maximum lens aperture is small and indoors often means taking pictures in low light conditions.

A faster lens with a wider maximum aperture produce higher quality HD video recordings in low light. To get a lens that will be perfect for your photography needs, the best Nikon D3300 lenses.

Nikon D3300 Frequently Asked Questions

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