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Vintage Macro Lenses

Vintage macro lenses are some of the most useful manual focus lenses. When the macro lenses are stopped down, the image quality is excellent.

With many of them being manual focus lenses, there is little that can go wrong with them. There is a decent supply of them on the used market and the value to performance ratio for the majority of lenses for macro photography is difficult to beat.

Lens adapters are inexpensive so they can easily be used on any interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras. They will also work well on compatible DSLR or film SLR cameras.

March 28, 2020
The 5 Best Bell & Howell FD35 Camera Lenses

The Bell & Howell FD35 is a fantastic film camera. It is actually a rebranded Canon TX. The best 5 lenses to use with the Bell & Howell FD35 are going to be covered in this article. More information is further down, but if you're limited on time, below is the list of the lenses: […]

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