How to Rewind Film from the Canon Rebel G


Do you need to remove a roll of film before all of the frames have been taken?

The process is easy when you know the correct camera settings. If you need help loading film into the Canon Rebel G, I have already created a how to for that.

Time needed: 1 minute.

To remove a partially exposed roll of film follow these steps:

  1. Set the Command Dial to the Film Rewind Icon

    Canon EOS Rebel G Film Rewind
  2. Hold Down the Film Rewind Button for At Least 1 Second

    Rebel G Timer & Rewind Button
  3. Wait for the Film to Finish Rewinding

    Rebel G Film Door Lock
  4. Open the Camera Back and Remove the Film

    Film roll ready to be removed

Once the film’s last frame is exposed, the Canon EOS Rebel G will automatically rewind the film. When the process is complete the LCD panel will only show a flashing film symbol.

It is safe to open the camera back when the film symbol is blinking. The film will be completely wound into the canister. You can remove it by pressing the film canister down and tilting it out of the camera.