Fujifilm Memory Card Compatibility

All of these Fujifilm digital cameras can use SD cards with capacities up to 2TB. Some cameras need faster SD cards with UHS-II.

The cameras with the best video capabilities need CFexpress cards.

All Fujifilm X series and G-mount interchangeable lens cameras are covered along with premium point and shoot cameras.

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Some cameras are not UHS-I compatible. However, that feature is so common it makes sense to get it. This ensures compatibility with other cameras and devices.

FinePix X100 X30 X-T10
X100S X-T100 X-T20
X100T X-T200 X-T30
X100F X-A10 X-T30 II
X100V X-A20 X-E1
X100VI X-A1 X-E2
XF1 X-A2 X-E2s
XQ1 X-A3 X-E3
XQ2 X-A5 X-E4
X-S1 X-A7 X70
X10 X-M1 XF10
X20 X-S10

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One UHS-I, one UHS-II card slot:

  • X-H1
  • X-T50
  • X-T2
  • X-Pro2

Only UHS-II compatible card slots:

X-S20 GFX 50R
X-T3 GFX100
X-T4 GFX100 II
X-T5 GFX100 IR
X-Pro3 GFX100S

The X-S20 is the only model with one card slot. All others have 2 UHS-II compatible card slots.

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These models have one CFexpress type B slot, and one UHS-II slot. A fast CFexpress card is needed to record high bitrate video.

  • X-H2
  • X-H2S

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The latest firmware will have the best card compatibility.

Cards are backwards compatible. A camera that can use an SDXC card can also use SDHC and SD cards.

A camera that is compatible with SDHC cards can not use an SDXC card. The camera have an error message, will not be able to format the card, or image will be corrupted.

There are four versions of Secure Digital (SD) memory cards. They can be identified by storage capacity.

  • Secure Digital (SD) - 128MB to 2GB.
  • Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) - 4GB to 32GB.
  • Secure Digital eXtended Capacity (SDXC) - 64GB to 2TB.
  • Secure Digital Ultra Capacity (SDUC) - 4TB to 128TB.

Speed ratings of an SD card is determined by the sequential write and read speeds. SD memory card write speed is essential for continuous shooting and video.

A slow memory card can cause a drop in the number of continuous images a camera can take. This is because the buffer in the camera is not able to write data to the card fast enough.

Card read speed is nice to have for transferring files to a computer or laptop. If you have cards that are full, a SD card with a fast read speed will decrease the transfer time.

UHS-I Rating
UHS Rating

The Ultra High Speed (UHS) bus is available in SDUC, SDXC, and SDHC cards. UHS cards to have increased read and write speeds.

Three different specs exist. They are UHS-I, UHS-II, and UHS-III.

Look at the front of the memory card to figure out the rating of a card. If the card has UHS, a Roman numeral I, II, or III will be on the front of the memory card.

SD Card Contacts
SD Card Contacts

Below is an approximation of how many JPEG images can be stored on a memory card with the given capacity.

  • 16GB - 4,640 images
  • 32GB - 9,280 images
  • 64GB - 18,560 images
  • 128GB - 37,120 images
  • 256GB - 74,240 images