Tested Canon LP-E6 Batteries

LP-E6, LP-E6N, and LP-E6Nh batteries have different capacities. They are all forward and backwards compatible.

There are 19 different models that are compatible with the batteries.

In my testing, all third party battery manufacturers overstate the capacity of their batteries. Considering the price of OEM Canon batteries, third party options can still be compelling.

These are the 19 models that use LP-E6 batteries.

It’s impressive how long Canon has stuck with the battery format. That makes upgrading or having multiple bodies easier and less expensive.

5D Mark II 6D Ra
5D Mark III 6D Mark II R5
5D Mark IV 70D R6
5DS 7D Mark II R7
60D 80D
60Da R
Model Capacity
LP-E6 1800mAh
LP-E6N 1885mAh
LP-E6Nh 2130mAh

All three versions of the battery are forward and backwards compatible.

The only difference is the capacity of the battery.

They are all a nominal 7.2V.

My OEM battery appears to be a European gray market import. It weighs 76g.

Based on the 10/2010 manufacture date, it is almost 14 years old.

I ran the battery down by recording H.264 video at the default CBR 1.0x.

I measured 6.63V after the camera would no longer turn on. This is why capacity testing is done with a cutoff of 6.60V.

The battery took less than 2 hours to charge. Probably longer than 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Performing a discharge test with a TEC-03 resulted in a capacity of 1,595 mAh. That’s 89% of the original rated capacity.

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All 3 versions can be used with the LC-E6 charger.

An orange LED will flash 1 to 3 times when charging. The more flashes, the closer the battery is to being charged.

The LED will turn green once the battery is charged.

I don’t like having to count blinks to determine the charging status.

A universal charger will be easier to read and cheaper. USB powered versions can be used with a battery bank to charge on the go.

My favorite charger, the DigiPower TC-U450, is discontinued. Sorry I don’t have a good option to recommend. Chargers that use pins will not work well with LP-E6 batteries.

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I purchased 2 Kastar batteries for my Canon 5D mark II. I’m only interested in the camera for photography. I don’t have a need for more batteries, which currently limits testing.

In testing batteries for other cameras, third parties are never honest about the capacity of their batteries. Some of the worst offenders have had 1/3 of the stated capacity.

Both Kaster batteries weighed 74g. (OEM 76g)

Battery Voltage Capacity
Kastar A 8.18V 1,406 mAh
Kaster B 8.26V 1,437 mAh