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Best Nikon D100 Memory Cards

The memory cards the Nikon D100 can use are limited based on the camera's firmware. A 2GB CompactFlash card is the maximum capacity card you can use. If your D100 has firmware version 2.0, you can use up to a 4GB card. Directions on how to check your camera firmware are below. My recommendation for […]

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A Look at the Soviet Lubitel 166B Twin Reflex Camera

The Lubitel 166B is a medium format camera that uses 120 film and takes 6x6 frames. There are 5 versions of the camera, with the 166B being the second to last. The original design was a Soviet copy of the Voigtländer Brillant. The Lubitels were manufactured by LOMO. (Leningradskoye Optiko-Mekhanicheskoye Obyedinenie, which translates to 'Leningrad […]

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5 of the Best Used DSLRs Under $100 (2020)

The best camera under $100 is going to be the newest camera you can find use under that price. Taking that into account, you're going to need to check around to find the current best prices. There is no guarantee any of the models listed will be available for sale or will be under $100. […]

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Best Nikon D5500 SD Memory Card

SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards are meant to work with the Nikon D5500. A card with fast enough write speeds is important for continuous burst shooting and recording HD video. The overall performance of your Nikon D5500 can be greatly reduced by using a slow SD card. Want to skip the tech specs? Listed […]

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5 of the Best Used DSLRs Under $200 in 2020

The best camera under $200 is going to be a used camera. Generally, the newer the camera, the better it will be. eBay prices are going to be used as a reference point for prices. You can also look at what is available on Amazon or other used camera stores. Keep in mind that prices […]

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Best Canon PowerShot SD20 SD Memory Card

The Canon PowerShot SD20 needs SD memory cards. The largest capacity SD card that will work in the PowerShot SD20 is 2GB. In Europe, the point & shoot camera was named the Canon DIGITAL IXUS i5. SD memory cards that satisfy the SDUC, SDXC, or SDHC requirements will not work properly in the PowerShot SD20. […]

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Step by Step: Loading Film into the Canon Rebel G

Note: Infrared film should not be used with the Rebel G. An infrared sensor is used to track the film advance. It will fog infrared film. There is a page with more complete information on the Canon EOS Rebel G.

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How to Load Film into a Pentax K1000

Loading film into the Pentax K1000 is relatively easy. This guide will include a few tips and tricks to help you get it right every time. Now that you've got your K1000 ready to shoot you may be interested in getting additional lenses for your camera. If that's the case check out the best lenses […]

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How to Rewind Film from the Canon Rebel G

Do you need to remove a roll of film before all of the frames have been taken? The process is easy when you know the correct camera settings. If you need help loading film into the Canon Rebel G, I have already created a how to for that. Automatic Rewind Once the film's last frame […]

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