The Best Memory Cards for the Sony A390

The A390 is compatible with SD memory cards and has one card slot. memory cards with a maximum storage capacity of 32GB can be used in the camera.

An error code will be displayed if you try to use an SD memory card that is 64GB or larger. You will have to get multiple cards if you want additional storage space. The important specs to focus on should be the transfer speeds the card is capable of.

Sony PRO Duo and PRO-HG Duo cards can also be used in the camera. They are limited to a maximum capacity of 32GB. PRO Duo and PRO-HG Duo memory cards are no recommended as they are discontinued and expensive to buy.

If your camera is going to be getting used often. A feature that is nice to have is UHS-I as it allows for faster transfer speeds with a compatible memory card reader.

Getting a top level memory card also will help to future proof the SD card for use in another device. You do not want to end up with a camera upgrade requiring you to buy a new SD card that can write data fast enough for shooting 4k video.

Do you have the correct focal length lens for the types of photography you want to do? Have a look at the best lenses for the A390.

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The SDHC format was announced in 2006. All 32GB cards that are currently being produced will have almost identical performance. You cannot go wrong buying the cheapest class 10 name brand card. At the time of writing this, the PNY Elite 32GB SD memory card has the best price.

Since the launch of the A390, SD card prices have gone down and capacities have become massive. The price difference between the fastest card and a cheap one is remarkably small. The price is more tied to storage, with the largest SD cards costing more.

Investing in the cards with the largest capacity is a good idea if you’re going to capture a large quantity of RAW files for wildlife, sports, events, or action photography. Another contributing factor could be if you plan to upgrade your camera or use the sd card in a different device.

In my opinion, the SanDisk Extreme Pro line of memory cards are often the best choice for most circumstances. They are fast cards which gives them the best shot of being compatible with future digital cameras or devices that use SD memory cards.

I have had positive experiences with PNY Elite Performance And Lexar Professional cards. I have not had pictures or files become corrupted or lost on these brands. If that situation did happen, all of the manufacturers have image recovery software.

When I have experienced problems it has been with generic SD memory cards. Having a low price or being a bundled item are the main attractions. Unfortunately, this is also the most common type of card to be wrongfully advertised.

It is really easy to put a Class 10 label on a card with a Class 4 rating. When the camera image processor starts writing data there is destined to be an error or unreadable photos if the card’s write speed does not fulfill the requirements.

One of the biggest controls over price you have is the card capacity. You will be better off by buying a card with lower capacity to lower cost rather than choosing a cheaper brand. Read and write speeds are important as they will impact your satisfaction with the A390.

PNY Elite 32GB SD Memory Card
PNY Elite 32GB SD Card
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  • Sequential read speed of up to 100MB/s
  • Class 10, U1 rating delivers speed and performance for full HD photography and HD videography.
  • V10 video speed rating to capture uninterrupted HD video at 1920x1080 format
  • Compatible with point & shoot cameras, DSLR cameras, standard & advanced HD-enabled video cameras, and more
  • Reliable & Durable: Magnet Proof, Shock Proof, Temperature Proof, Waterproof

SanDisk Ultra 32GB UHS-I SD Card
SanDisk Ultra 32GB SD Card
Check price on Amazon
  • Quick transfer read speeds up to 90MB/s.
  • Write speeds are not capable of recording 4k video.
  • Class 10 rating for Full HD video (1080p).
  • Waterproof, temperature proof, X-ray Proof, magnet-Proof, and shockproof.

Samsung EVO Plus 32GB SD Memory Card
Samsung EVO Plus 32GB SD Card
Check price on Amazon
  • UHS Speed Class 1 (U1) supports Full HD video and burst shots. 130MB/s transfer speeds1 let you upload footage to your PC in an instant.
  • Built to survive tough conditions and heavy usage, whether you’re at home, outside, or on the go. Backed by 10-year limited warranty.
  • Highly durable with comprehensive 7-proof protection.
  • Backed by a 10 year warranty.
UGreen Memory Card Reader
UGreen Memory Card Reader

The UGreen 4-in-1 memory card reader can read four common memory card formats. These include everything camera manufacturers make use of in all but the latest professional-level cameras.

The UGREEN memory card reader connects over USB 3.0. The USB 3.0 transfer speeds will be faster transfer speeds than what the A390 is capable of in USB transfer mode.

There are many positive customer reviews for the UGREEN card reader, which I agree with. I think it’s a good product because it has been recognized by all the computers (Windows, Mac, and Linux) I have plugged it into.

The cable prevents memory card slots from interfering with other devices or accessories that are plugged into a laptop or desktop.

When I searched for a more compact card reader that would be used while traveling, I needed to return a couple of orders. I encountered the most commonly seen problem in customer reviews, the memory card readers would not work with my computer.

The card reader can be used with the following card types:

  • CompactFlash Cards
  • SD, SDHC, & SDXC Cards (UHS-I supported)
  • Memory Stick (MS), MS Pro, MS PRO-HG, & MS XC DUO
  • MicroSD, Micro SDHC, & Micro SDXC Cards