Best Nikon D100 Memory Cards

By Nathaniel Stephan
Last Updated: November 22, 2019
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Nikon D100 Compact Flash Memory Cards

The Nikon D100 has a single card slot that can use a CompactFlash card. The maximum storage capacity that a card can be is 2GB with v1.x versions of the camer'a firmware and 4GB with v2.0 firmware. Attempting to use a card with a capacity greater than 2GB or 4GB will cause the memory card to not be recognized or an error code will be displayed.

Direction on how to check your camera firmware is covered below. If you don't want to check, you can just limit yourself to a 2GB memory card and avoid any problems.

The difference in cost between the few 2GB Compact Flash cards currently available is read and write speeds. When used in a card reader, transferring files is going to be noticeably faster with the Transcend card compared to the offering from Verbatim.

Time to transfer 2GB to a computer:

  • Transcend: 45 seconds
  • Verbatim: 3 minutes, 45 seconds

The Nikon D100 uses the FAT16 file system or FAT32 with the v2.0 firmware. Keep that in mind if you have any issues access the files from a computer. As a best practice, format a memory card in the camera you intend to use the card in. This can help to prevent file errors.

Also take a look at the best lenses for the Nikon D100.

Out of the few choices, my recommendation for the best memory card for the Nikon D100 is:

Transcend Compact Flash 2GB 133x

Transcend 2GB CF Memory Card

  • Write Speed 20MB/s.
  • Read Speed 50MB/s.
  • Largest storage capacity supported.
  • Built-in Dynamic Defect Management and Error Correction.
Best Nikon Compact Flash Memory Card

In addition to the Compact Flash memory cards listed below, be on the lookout for used cards. A used memory card may be able to save you a bit of money.

Verbatim Compact Flash 2GB Card

Verbatim 2GB Compact Flash Card

  • Inexpensive and available new.
  • Read Speed 10MB/s.
  • Low Power Usage.
  • Excellent reliability.
Transcend Compact Flash 2GB 133x

Transcend 2 GB 133x Compact Flash Memory Card

  • Write Speed 20MB/s.
  • Read Speed 50MB/s.
  • Largest storage capacity supported.
  • Built-in Dynamic Defect Management and Error Correction.

Memory Card Reader

UGreen 4-in-1 Card Reader
There's a bright blue LED that bothered me. It is now covered in gaff tape.

The UGreen 4-in-1 memory card reader works with four memory card formats. These cover all card types camera manufacturers make use of in all but the latest professional-level cameras.

The UGREEN reader has a USB 3.0 connection. The card reader's USB 3.0 transfer speeds will be faster transfer speeds than what the Nikon D100 is capable of in USB transfer mode.

There are lots of favorable customer reviews for the UGREEN card reader, which I agree with. I think it's a good product because the reader has been recognized by all the computers (Windows, Mac, and Linux) I have plugged it into.

The cable keeps memory card slots from being blocked by other accessories or devices that are being used in an neighboring port.

When I searched for a smaller card reader that would be easier to travel with, I needed to return a couple of orders. I experienced the most commonly seen problem in customer reviews, the readers did not work with my computer.

The UGREEN card reader can use the following memory card formats:

  • CompactFlash Cards
  • SD, SDHC, & SDXC Cards (UHS-I supported)
  • Memory Stick (MS), MS Pro, MS PRO-HG, & MS XC DUO
  • MicroSD, Micro SDHC, & Micro SDXC Cards

Checking D100 Firmware

From Nikon: "Your camera's current version is displayed when viewing an image and you have selected the image data display."

Unfortunately, that means you'll need a memory card to check the firmware version.

The final firmware for the Nikon D100 is version 2.0. Unlike newer cameras, the firmware cannot be easily updated.

A firmware upgrade required sending the D100 to a Nikon repair facility. Due to the age of the camera, the firmware upgrade service is no longer offered.

DIY Firmware Update

There are people that have claimed to have updated the firmware themselves. I have not tried doing this, so I cannot say how well it can work.

Do the upgrade at your own risk. A bad update could brick the camera and make it unusable. To help to avoid problems you should make sure you are using a battery that is completely charged.

This is a possible way to do it yourself, but I have not tried this. Do at your own risk. Nikon D100 Firmware Version 2 Download and Update.

Cards Larger Than 4GB

People have reported being able to use CompactFlash cards that are larger than 4GB. However, formatting the card in the camera can take a long time and lead to slow menus.

Also, keep in mind that only 4GB worth of memory will be used. You'll get no increase in storage by using an 8GB or 16GB card.

I would recommend tracking down a 2GB or 4GB card. That way you avoid compatibility problems.

Compact Flash Card Types

There are two different types of CompactFlash cards, Type I and Type II. Both cards will fit in the Nikon D100.

The difference between the cards is their thickness.

  • Type I - 3.3mm thick
  • Type II - 5mm thick

Avoiding Card Errors

Nikon CF Memory Card Pins

The most common card error is caused by bent pins in the camera's card slot. If this occurs in the D100, a CHA error will be shown in the LCD.

Be careful and gentle when inserting a CF card into the camera. You do not need to use much force to get a card inserted.

If the card does not seem like it is sliding in correctly, remove it. Check the orientation is correct and then try again.

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Now you know all the technical specifications to look for in a camera. The 2GB Transcend CF Card the best memory card for the Nikon D100.

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