Best Canon PowerShot SD-300 SD Memory Cards

Canon PowerShot SD-300 SD Memory Card Compatibility

´╗┐The Canon SD-300 can use SD memory cards. The maximum capacity SD card that is compatible with the SD-300 is 2GB. MultiMediaCards (MMC) can also be used.

SD memory cards that meets the SDHC, SDXC, or SDUC standards won’t function correctly in the SD-300. These cards are easy to avoid as they are 4GB or larger in capacity.

Transcend 2GB SD Memory Card

Transcent 2GB Card
  • Best value for the money.
  • Available new.
  • You don’t really have a choice.
  • Built-in error-correcting code to detect and correct transfer errors.
  • Meets the Secure Digital Card interface standard.
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SanDisk 2GB Class 2 SD Memory Card

SanDisk 2GB Card
  • High-quality memory card.
  • Class 2 speed rating.
  • Write protection lock.
  • Shock rating of 2,000 G’s, equivalent to a 10-foot drop.
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Best SD Cards

Transcend and SanDisk both produce premium quality memory cards. Low-cost house brand names should be avoided.

Memory card issues, like a complete loss of all your photographs because of data corruption, is more likely to take place with cheap cards. The reduction in level of quality is not worth the minimal cost savings.

Buying a reduced capacity memory card is a sensible way to save a bit of money. They should be slightly lower in cost and you won’t need to be concerned about the SD card becoming corrupted.

Always bear in mind, SD card problems are very rare. Just a couple of cards have become unusable out of the many I have possessed over many years. Both of the memory cards were pre-owned house cards that were included along with the purchase of previously owned cameras.

Canon SD-300 SD Card Compatibility

The Canon SD-300 is only capable of using SD memory cards. There are currently 4 separate specifications of Secure Digital (SD) memory cards. Every updated memory card standard improves the maximum capacity and transfer speeds when compared to the prior spec.

Secure Digital memory card readers are backward compatible. A card reader built into a digital camera that can use SDXC cards will also be able to use SDHC and SD memory cards.

The Canon SD-300’s card reader is only compatible with the original SD card technical spec. SDHC, SDXC, or SDUC memory card cards won’t be compatible.

  • Secure Digital (SD) - These memory cards have a maximum capacity of 2GB and are compatible with the SD-300.
  • Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) - The capacity of these memory cards range from 4GB to 32GB.
  • Secure Digital eXtended Capacity (SDXC) - The capacity of these memory cards range from 64GB to 2TiB.
  • Secure Digital Ultra Capacity (SDUC) - The capacity of these memory cards range from 4TiB to 128TiB.

Canon SD-300 Memory Card Full Error

SD card contacts

Trying to use a SD card that is 4GB or larger in the SD-300 results in the digital camera to display an error.

Get a memory card which has a capacity of 2GB or less to avoid the error.

If you are using a memory card that has a storage capacity less than 2GB, and it is not working correctly, try to format the SD card while it is in the camera.

Speed, Class, & Capacity

SD Card Image Capacity

The following is a quick estimation of the amount of large JPEGs you could expect to save on an SD card.

  • 512MB - 240 images
  • 1GB - 480 images
  • 2GB - 960 images

Memory Card Speed

Speed ratings for SD cards are determined by sequential read and write speeds. The speed of the SD memory card is important in cases where many photographs need to be written or read from the memory card.

SD Card Speed Class Rating

SD Card Speed Class

The Class speed rating of an SD card is determined by the sustained write speed of the memory card. A Class speed rating of 2 means that the memory card can maintain a write speed of more than 2MB per second.

  • Class 2 - 2MB/s
  • Class 4 - 4MB/s
  • Class 6 - 6MB/s
  • Class 8 - 8MB/s
  • Class 10 - 10MB/s

The top rating a memory card can obtain is Class 10. There are memory cards that are a good deal faster than 10MB/s. Those SD memory cards use other solutions, such as UHS (Ultra Highspeed Bus), that have a different rating specifications.

Sustained write speeds of 2MB, 4MB, 6MB, or 8MB per second means the card has a speed class of 2, 4, 6, or 8. Cards that have write speeds of 10MB/s or faster are rated as Class 10.