Best Canon PowerShot A470 SD Memory Card

By Nathaniel Stephan
Last Updated: March 11, 2020
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Best Canon PowerShot Digital Camera Memory Card

The Canon PowerShot A470 uses SD memory cards. The biggest capacity SD card that is compatible with the PowerShot A470 is 32GB. MMCplus and MultiMediaCard (MMC) can also be used.

SD memory cards labeled as SDXC or SDUC will not function properly in the PowerShot A470. These cards are easy to avoid as they are 64GB or larger in storage capacity.

Just want the best? Listed below is my suggestion on the memory card to use with the Canon PowerShot A470:

SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-I SDHC Memory Card

SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB SDHC

  • Best value for the money.
  • Read speeds of up to 95MB/s; write speeds of up to 90MB/s.
  • Shock-proof, temperature-proof, waterproof, and x-ray proof.
  • UHS speed Class 3 (U3) and UHS video speed Class 30 (V30).

64GB or larger cards are not compatible with the camera.

Recommended PowerShot A470 SD Cards

Below are a few choices to pick from that can be used in the PowerShot A470. With all of the cards below, you won't have to be concerned about reduced capabilities or SD memory card failure.

SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-I SDHC Memory Card

SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB SDHC UHS-I

  • Best value for the money.
  • Read speeds of up to 95MB/s; write speeds of up to 90MB/s.
  • Shock-proof, temperature-proof, waterproof, and x-ray proof.
  • UHS speed Class 3 (U3) and UHS video speed Class 30 (V30).
SanDisk Ultra UHS-I SDHC Memory Card

SanDisk Ultra 32GB SDHC UHS-I

  • Quick transfer read speeds up to 90MB/s.
  • Write speeds are not capable of recording 4k video.
  • Class 10 rating for Full HD video (1080p).
  • Waterproof, temperature proof, X-ray Proof, magnet-Proof, and shockproof.
Lexar 633x 23GB UHS-I SDHC Memory Card

Lexar Professional 633X 32GB SDHC UHS-I

  • High-speed, Class 10 performance.
  • UHS-I technology for a read transfer speed up to 633x (95MB/s).
  • High-speed file transfer from card to computer to dramatically accelerate workflow.

Best SD Cards

Make sure to purchase a card from a manufacturer with a solid reputation, particularly SanDisk or Lexar. Avoid getting cards from bargain-priced no-name brand names.

Inexpensive cards are more inclined to have data corruption, meaning that you will lose all of your images contained on the card. A minuscule difference in price is not worth the reduction of construction quality.

Buying a smaller capacity memory card is an intelligent way to save a tiny bit of money. They are often a little lower in price and you won't have to worry about the SD card having data failure.

Do not forget, SD card failures are infrequent. Throughout the years, I have only had 2 cards become corrupted. The two memory cards were previously owned third-party cards that were included with the purchase of used DSLRs.

Canon PowerShot A470 SD Card Compatibility

4 separate specifications of Secure Digital (SD) memory cards are currently being made. The Canon PowerShot A470 is limited to using SD memory cards. Every new memory card technical spec boosts the maximum storage capacity and read/write speeds when compared to the former standard.

Secure Digital memory card readers are backward compatible. A card reader built into a digital camera that can use SDXC cards will also be able to use SDHC and SD memory cards.

A camera that can use larger capacity SD cards is the Canon Rebel T7i. Additionally, the Canon Rebel T7i has many top lenses available including telephoto and primes.

The Canon PowerShot A470's card reader will only work with the original two SD card specs. SDXC or SDUC SD memory cards won't work.

  • Secure Digital (SD) - These memory cards have a maximum capacity of 2GB and are compatible with the PowerShot A470.
  • Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) - The capacity of these memory cards range from 4GB to 32GB and are also compatible with the PowerShot A470.
  • Secure Digital eXtended Capacity (SDXC) - The capacity of these memory cards range from 64GB to 2TiB.
  • Secure Digital Ultra Capacity (SDUC) - The capacity of these memory cards range from 4TiB to 128TiB.

Canon PowerShot A470 Memory Card Full Error

SD card contacts for Canon digital point and shoot camera

Trying to use an SD memory card that has a capacity of 64GB or larger in the PowerShot A470 results in the camera to show an error message.

Get a memory card which has a storage capacity of 32GB or less to rectify the problem.

If you have an SD memory card that is 32GB or smaller, and the card is not working, format the card while it is in the camera.

Speed, Class, & Capacity

SD Card Image Capacity

The following is an estimation of how many large JPEGs you could expect to save on an SD card.

  • 4GB - 1920 images
  • 8GB - 3840 images
  • 16GB - 7680 images
  • 32GB - 15360 images

Memory Card Speed

Speed ratings for SD cards are determined by sequential read and write speeds. The speed of the card is important when many images need to be written or read from the card.

SD Card Speed Class Rating

Example of where to find SD Card Speed Class
This is a Class 10 SD memory card as shown by the '10' inside of the 'C'

The Class speed rating of an SD card is based on the sustained write speed of the SD card. A Class speed rating of 2 means that the card can sustain a write speed of at least 2MB per second.

  • Class 2 - 2MB/s
  • Class 4 - 4MB/s
  • Class 6 - 6MB/s
  • Class 8 - 8MB/s
  • Class 10 - 10MB/s

The maximum rating an SD card can get is Class 10. There are cards that are substantially faster than 10MB/s. Those SD memory cards use other technologies, such as UHS (Ultra Highspeed Bus), which uses a separate rating criteria.

Sustained write speeds of 2MB, 4MB, 6MB, or 8MB per second means the card has a speed class of 2, 4, 6, or 8. Cards that have write speeds of 10MB/s or faster are rated as Class 10.

MultiMediaCard Compatibility

The MultiMediaCard specification was released by Siemens AG and SanDisk in 1997. MMC cards look like a thinner SD card.

The original two generations of MMC memory cards are going to function in the Canon PowerShot A470. Compatible cards will be labeled as MMCplus or MMC. Later versions are not going to function with the Canon PowerShot A470

Steer clear of purchasing an MMC memory card. No companies are at present making MMC cards that will work with the PowerShot A470. Consequently, they are pricey as well as being hard to come across used.


The best SD memory card for the Canon PowerShot A470 is the SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB SD Memory Card. However, the Lexar Professional 32GB SD Memory Card offers the best value.

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